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Matt Dumas

Matt Dumas is our faithful and passionate Senior Pastor. He is a good ol’ boy from Texas with a warm, down to earth personality, and a strong conviction that good leaders lead by example. Matt believes in renewing hearts and minds through Biblical teaching. His commitment to the Bible is...

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Andrew Alesso

Andrew is everyone’s favorite undercover genius. He’s smart, passionate, team-oriented and… smart. The greatest thing about Andrew is that his head never gets in the way of his heart. While he is often praised for his intellect, everyone would agree that the smartest decision he has ever made was marrying...

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Gerry Chaddick

The party hasn’t started ‘till Gerry arrives! Gerry is a fun, people-oriented, social butterfly who strives to make friends with every person that comes into his life. One of his greatest qualities is his genuine love for people, regardless of whether they are close to him or not. His commitment...


Ricky Hemme

After years of being passionate about dirt bikes and racing, Ricky now pursues Jesus with that same all-out passion! Ricky’s fearless love for Jesus and His Word is obvious in how he loves God’s people…especially those who he is yet to meet. Ricky has 3 other loves in his life: his beautiful wife,...


Bryan Ingram

Bryan and his amazing wife, TJ, hail from the sandy beaches of Florida. They are both passionate followers of Jesus who love to serve Him together. Bryan’s worship style is authentic and heart-felt. The stage he leads from is not the pinnacle of a concert, but an alter unto the...

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Jim Pruett

Jim is a wealth of wisdom! And it’s not just because he’s the most ‘seasoned’ person on staff… His background in the corporate world, paired with his insatiable appetite for books, has given him the reputation as a man with experience. The beauty of Jim’s wisdom is that he knows...


Scott Sturdyvin

Scott is known as the man with many talents. His creativity, vision, and sometimes off the wall ideas, helps keep Central fresh and fun. On staff he’s the man that everyone wants, and has, on their team. The only people around the office who are more popular than him are...


Mike Harris

Mike Harris

Mike is the chairman of the Elders, and has been part of the Central family since 1991. He’s always ready to make you laugh and likes to bend the rules every so slightly, like when he described himself in three words “not a morning person”. Mike retired from aerospace and...

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Matt Dumas

Matt has been with the Central family since 2013. He fit right in as our senior pastor and is a great leader. Matt loves Tex-mex fajitas, and watching movies, but nothing compares to his beloved Baylor Bears. He is intentional and disciplined in his study of God’s Word and is...

Jeff Beuder

Jeff Beuder

Jeff has been part of the Central family since 1992. He recently retired from aerospace and on most days can be found at his new office: the golf course. You would be hard pressed to find another man who is as dedicated, first to Jesus and second to his family....

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Gerry Chaddick

Gerry has been a part of the Central family since 1996. He has been a pastor for 42 years and served at Central for half of them. He loves good Mexican food, playing golf, and visiting his grand daughters. Gerry is intentional with community involvement and strives to bring the...

Josh Christopher

Josh Christopher

Josh arrived via the Air Force and has been part of the Central family since 2012. He’s passionate about Jesus and raising his young family to follow Him. If he’s not greeting others on a Sunday morning, he’s out camping in his RV. Josh wants to see families in the...

Doug Jenkins

Doug Jenkins

Since 2006 Doug has been a part of the Central family. He works in aerospace, loves Jesus and strives to be the best husband and father he can be. He also loves a good taco salad drenched in queso. Doug wants families in the Antelope Valley to feel like they’re...

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Dave Horner

Since 1990 Dave and his family have called Central home. As a retired Sheriff he loves good Mexican food, woodworking, traveling with his wife, and being with his grandkids. Dave is excited to see God transforming families within the church and around the world. He continues to serve Christ and...

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Allen Parker

Since 1996 Allen and his family have called Central home. When asked to describe himself in three words he said “A blessed man”. Did we mention he’s an engineer and that he loves spaghetti? Allen strives to lead his family and the church well. He loves studying scripture and being...

Justin Wodarck

Justin Wodarck

Justin has been with the Central family since 2002. While his day job is an engineer, he competes in ultra marathons, and is always eager to be outdoors with his family. He also loves to see others profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior through baptism. Justin is faithful and...


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